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Tough Light

Tough Light USB Rechargeable LED Tactical Flashlight

Tough Light USB Rechargeable LED Tactical Flashlight

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Waterproof: While the F200-LR is not submersible, it carries a very high waterproof rating of IPX-6. Additionally, this flashlight will float if dropped in water if the waterproof seals are securely in place. This makes it the perfect flashlight for fishing and boating.

Drop and Impact Resistant: The F200-LR has gone through rigorous testing and has been repeatedly dropped from 8.5 feet onto a concrete surface without any damage. This makes it a perfect flashlight for kids or the rugged outdoors.

Warranty: Included with your purchase price is a “Peace of Mind” 2 Year Warranty from Tough Light Manufacturing. This protects you against unforeseen problems that can occur with certain electronic components and rechargeable batteries usually within the first year.

USB Charging: For your convenience, your Tough Light F200-LR Flashlight can be charged anywhere in the world via USB power. Just like your mobile phone, any USB power source will charge your flashlight.

Tactical Advantages over Metal Flashlights: The secret to our ‘Toughness” is the thick plastic molds. Thick molds prevent water intrusion by preventing “sweat” from the inside that can cause moisture damage to the electronic components. Metal flashlights have more interior “sweat” in moist conditions and they sink if dropped in the water. Additionally, the Tough Light F200-LR is much lighter than metal flashlights so carrying it around in your pocket or purse is a breeze. There is also a lanyard wrist rope and a removable belt clip for added convenience.

Survival and Emergency Beacon: Your F200-LR has a mode that combines the Auxiliary RED FLASH with the MAIN WHITE LED FLASH to create a highly visible survival beacon light if you ever need to be rescued. This high intensity flashing beacon can be seen from thousands of feet away, in case you ever have an emergency or if you need it for self-defense.
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