Congratulations on the purchase of your new Tough Light 400 Lumen Rechargeable Lantern with Power Bank. Some lanterns may look the same but we assure you they are not built the same! We spend more money to build our lights than the other guys charge for retail prices. That says a lot! You’ve invested your hard earned money in a great product so follow these tips for safety and to get the best use and longevity out of your new Tough Light


Tips, info and best use practices

1. Charging Indicator Light: When charging the Tough Light, the indicator light will remain solid RED while receiving a charge and turn solid GREEN when fully charged. Charging times vary depending on how drained the battery is and what strength of USB charger you are using. A complete charge from 0% to 100% can vary from 1 to 7 hours depending on how drained the battery is and what strength of the USB you are using.


2. Charging Your Tough Light: When sending a charge to your Tough Light, always use a USB charger and only use the designated Tough Light charging cable that came in the packaging. Mobile phone charging cables may not make a secure connection because your Tough Light has a deeper charging port that requires a longer male end to make a secure fit. To be sure your Tough Light can properly receive a charge, only use the provided Tough Light charging cable that came in the packaging.


3. Using Your Tough Light To Charge Other Devices: Your Tough Light has a built in Power Bank that can send a charge to another device (e.g. phone, tablet, camera etc). Each device should receive a charge through it's own designated cable. Example: If you are using your Tough Light to charge an I-phone, than only use the I-phone charging cable. Plug the larger end (USB end) of the I-phone cable into the Tough Light universal USB port and plug the smaller end of the cable into the I-phone.


4. Battery Life Indicator When The Unit Is "ON": When you press the button and turn the Tough Light "ON", the indicator light serves a new purpose by letting you know how much battery life you have left. A solid green light means 100% to 75% battery life left. A flashing green light is 75% to 40%, a solid red light is 40% to 10% and a flashing red light is 10% or less, time to recharge the unit. Please remember that the Tough Light must be turned "ON" in order to see how much battery life you have left. If you see a flashing red light when the unit is turned "OFF" that is the emergency beacon light and it does NOT determine battery life. Read the next tip for clarity.


5. Locator Light When The Unit Is "OFF": When the Tough Light is turned "OFF" it will blink a slow and steady red Flash every 6 seconds. This 3rd function of the indicator light is the "locator" beacon to help you find the unit in pitch black darkness when camping, in a power outage or any night time emergency. The blinking red light is for survival purposes and it cannot be turned off.


6. Safety: The 400 Lumen CREE LED light is extremely powerful so don’t stare directly at the light or leave young children unsupervised when using the lantern.


7. Walking in the dark: Some lanterns are designed to be held at eye level when walking around in the dark. You’ve probably seen this in the movies. However, your arm will quickly get tired holding up a lantern. Your Tough Light is specifically designed to be held at your side in a normal walking position. When walking through dark places hold the lantern down (at hip level) on your side. The diffuser cap is designed to “throw” light outward and upward to illuminate your field of vision. From the hip position, you can tilt the lantern forward to get a “flashlight” effect.


8. Hanging position: Having light “above” you is usually the best vantage point. For even more light, remove the diffuser cap and hang it upside down. This position illuminates a large area that is easy on the eyes.


9. Close proximity: When you need light at your fingertips, use the medium and low settings with the diffuser cap on. For example, changing a tire or tying fishing knots at night. Proper use of the high, med and low settings offer diversity from lighting up the whole room to working with soft light in small places.


10. Micro USB cable storage: The Micro USB charging cable fits conveniently in the battery compartment. Use a rubber band to hold the cable together, then simply twist off the bottom cap and carefully store the USB cable next to the battery. This way the charging cable will always stay with the unit. Please be gentle and avoid touching the red and black battery leads. When replacing the bottom cap, always twist until it returns (locks) into its full water resistant position.

11. The ANSI FL1 chart and IPX6 water resistance rating: What does this actually mean? The ANSI FL1 chart puts an end to all the guessing that typically comes along with lights. Please refer to the chart to understand the extensive testing your Tough Light has been through to ensure its premium quality. As far as the IPX6 water resistance rating, here is the definition: 1.) Dust tight. No ingress of dust; complete protection against contact. 2.) Protected against powerful water jets (12.5 mm nozzle) against the enclosure from any direction shall have no harmful effects. Test duration: at least 3 minutes. Water volume: 100 liters per minute. Pressure: 100 kPa at distance of 3 m. (Non-submersible, do not float your lantern or put it under water). The diffuser cap and base cap are fitted with rubber o-rings to ensure the IPX6 water resistance rating. If you remove the diffuser cap or base cap (bottom of lantern) be sure to twist them into their “snug” fully locked positions.

12. Drop/Impact resistance: Dropped from 1.9 meters (6.5 feet) onto a concrete surface with no harmful effects. Of course we don’t recommend throwing your Tough Light on the ground but at least you know the protection is there in case of accidental drops!

13. Dim Red Light feature: This lighting mode is designed differently than others. The red light feature is NOT designed to be bright, but rather, broadcast a dim red light. Field research shows a preference for a dim red light when you need light but don’t want to be seen or draw attention to yourself.

14. 6000 mAh Li Ion battery and power bank: Your Tough Light comes equipped with a premium quality rechargeable battery capable of charging mobile devices (phones, tablets, cameras). With a single charge your Tough Light can run for 200 hours at 40 Lumens (low setting). That’s 16.6 nights of light from a single charge! In addition, your Tough Light can hold a charge for up to 9 months or more when not in use. (Regular use is recommended but if not in use, charge your Tough Light every 6 to 9 months to be ready for emergencies. Check the remaining battery life indicator often). Charge your Tough Light with the Micro USB cable (included) which can also be used with your car’s 12-volt DC charging port. With regular use, you can get up to 50,000 hours of rechargeable light and power. You can literally save hundreds of dollars by NOT buying batteries for years to come and sparing our planet the toxic waste of discarded alkaline batteries.

15. Storing your Tough Light while not in use: To ensure long life the unit should be charged and used regularly. As a general rule the more you use Lithium Ion batteries the better. If you are unable to use as often as you'd like, we recommend charging your battery 100% before storing it and recharging it every few months to make sure it charges and runs properly. It can hold a charge (from full charge) up to 9 months but to get the best out the battery life we always recommend using it and charging it back to full as often as possible.

WHITE LIGHT MODES: High, Medium, Low and SOS


  1. Cycling through the White Light modes: Press and release the power button within 2 seconds to cycle to the next mode. Example: Press once for HIGH and press again within 2 seconds for MEDIUM. Press again within 2 seconds for LOW and press again within 2 seconds for SOS.

  2. Holding the desired White Light mode: Keep pressing the power button (within 2 seconds of each press) to cycle through the different White Light modes, HIGH, MED, LOW and SOS. Once you have decided which mode you want, leave the Tough Light on that mode (stop pressing the power button). If you leave your Tough Light in any mode for more than 3 seconds it will “hold” that mode until you turn the unit off.

  3. Resetting the cycle: If your Tough Light is “holding” a mode, then pressing the power button will shut the unit off and start the cycle over.


RED LIGHT MODES: Hold on Red and Red Flash


  1. To enter RED LIGHT mode: Press and hold the power button down for 3 seconds until solid RED light comes on.

  2. To enter RED FLASH mode: Press and hold the power button down for 3 seconds to enter RED LIGHT mode. Release and press the power button again within 2 seconds to enter RED FLASH mode.

  3. Resetting the cycle: If your Tough Light is “holding” a mode, then pressing the power button will shut the unit off and start the cycle over.


•    CHARGES LIKE A MOBILE PHONE: Can be charged from any USB power source. Mobile phone charging blocks are best. Can also be charged via laptop or TV USB ports or your car’s 12v DC battery. (chargers not included)

•    16 NIGHTS OF LIGHT: Over 16 nights of light with a single charge. Amazing! (40 lumens, 200 hours, low setting)

•    HOLDS A CHARGE FOR 9 MONTHS: Holds a charge for 9 months or more when not in use. Great for emergencies or power outage (can be charged in your car if your power is out).

•    POWER BANK: Charge your mobile phone, tablet or GoPro Camera from the power bank 6000mAh Li-ion Battery (output 5V/1A, USB charging port)

•    TOUGH LIGHT: Can handle a drop from 1.9 meter (6.5 foot drop impact resistance)

•    26 METER LIGHT STREAM: (85 foot beam distance) at 400 Lumens (high setting)

•    LITE WEIGHT: Only 569g (much lighter than units that require D batteries)

•    FLASHING LOCATOR: Blinking RED locator light, so unit can be found in pitch black darkness

•    BATTERY LIFE INDICATOR: How much battery life is left? Solid green (100% to 75%) Green flash (75% to 40%) Solid red (40% to 10%) Red flash (10% or less). NOTE: UNIT MUST BE TURNED ON TO SEE REMAINING BATTERY LIFE.

•    BEST HOME, AUTO AND MARINE EMERGENCY LIGHT: To protect your loved ones, be sure to have a Tough Light in your home and in every vehicle you own. The first 2 things you need in an emergency situation is a reliable light and a charged mobile phone!