Tough Light is proud to offer you our 2-year warranty on all LED Products (1000-LR & 400-LR Lanterns, Headlamp, and Flashlights. As well as our 1-year warranty on Power Banks and Wall Chargers. These warranties protect against potential defects in manufacturing. We will gladly replace your Tough Light product if it is defective in any way. This warranty is limited against abusive use from the consumer. It is at Tough Light’s sole discretion and conclusion upon inspection of your light as to whether the warranty will cover a claim. Please read carefully to see if your claim will be covered. NOTE: Please be advised that you can register for the warranty anytime during the first year of ownership. With a proper registration, our system will discover the original date of purchase to provide a full 12 or 24 months of coverage depending on the product.


To ensure long life, the battery should be charged and used regularly. Be sure the battery is charged to 100% before putting the unit in storage (storing the unit with a dead or mostly dead battery will void your warranty). Our company Engineer strongly suggests charging the battery every 6 to 9 months when in storage. Neglecting to charge the battery to 100% at least once every 9 months can cause cell damage and void your warranty.


If the product is cut, crushed, punctured or has suffered impact greater than its impact resistance rating on the ANSI FL1 chart. If the product has been taken apart, altered in any way or has been rebuilt by anyone other than the manufacturer. Damage from moisture because the waterproof tab covering the charging port has been removed. Damage from storing the unit in permanently “wet places” (the unit must be stored in a cool dry place, with waterproofing tabs and O-rings in fully locked positions). If you have submerged or immersed the product under water causing pressurized water to be forced through the seals to exceed the IPX6 water resistance rating on the ANSI FL1 chart.

The warranty does not cover the unit if it is being stored outside in harsh weather conditions (evidenced by a layer of mildew that will grow on the outside of the lantern). If you have subjected the unit to over exposure to salt air or saltwater (for example, storing it in your boat). If there is evidence of tampering or abusive use of the switch beyond normal wear and tear. If you have dropped your lantern while the charging cable is plugged in and either bend or break the input or output ports.

Otherwise, if you feel confident that your Tough Light product is truly defective, please contact us via our company website and we are more than happy to stand behind our product. After all, it is a Tough Light!