The Ultra-Lightweight Rechargeable Floating Headlamp

Introducing the H900RS Headlamp, Tough Light's newest headlamp that can float! Made with your safety in mind, this rechargeable headlamp has a reversible headband and adjustable head for hard hat use. With an IP66 water resistance rating and an easy to adjust brightness setting, this is one of the most versatile rechargeable floating headlamps on the market today.

The H900RS Headlamp has a beam distance that rivals that of its heavy competitors with a triple the battery life! This headlamp is perfect for camping, hiking, or working on projects around the house in low light conditions.

Long Lasting Battery Life

The H900RS can last up to 56 hours at 12 lumens, means you can focus on running and not worry about running out of battery power at night. With a maximum brightness of 300 lumens the headlamp stays on for 7 hours on high. Our rechargeable headlamps have 7 different lighting modes.


It's compact design and weight of 3.3oz including head strap and removeable rechargeable battery make it the perfect companion for night hiking. The H900RS can be used as a headlamp or hat light by flipping it over the reversible head strap and attaching to hard hats - no need for clunky, expensive attachments!

Safe in Water

It's IP66 rated, meaning it can be immersed in water up to a 3 feet deep without damage. This is perfect for when you drop your light into deep standing water or a lake and want to retrieve it!

Tough Light LED Rechargeable Headlamp

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You deserve the best, so we made the best!


  • With an IP66 rating, you'll be able to bring this USB rechargeable headlamp with you on any water adventure. Even if you drop it in water you can stay calm knowing your headlamp will come back up to the top and float so you can easily retrieve it!
  • This compact USB rechargeable headlamp is so durable that it can survive a drop of up to 8.5 feet!
  • Hands dirty? Using the hands free lighting mode you can turn your H900RS on and off without even clicking a button. Simply wave your hand in front of it to turn it on or off.
  • Our 2 year warranty is our promise to you that your Tough Light H900RS Headlamp will be there for years to come.
  • Never worry about running out of battery power again. Our USB rechargeable headlamp has a battery size of 900mAh and can be charged from a variety of sources with a Universal USB outlet such as your car's cigarette lighter, wall outlets or even through the USB port on your computer using the included micro USB cord!
  • It's lightweight and compact size ensures you won't sacrifice comfort when wearing it.
  • Finally your new flashlight has 7 different lighting modes: High, Medium, Low, SOS, High Auxiliary White Light, Green Light High, and Green Light Flashing. This versatile headlamp is ready for any situation you throw at it.

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Don't Waste Another Lumen!

Through our research we have found the best way to make a long lasting headlamp is to utilize lumens to their fullest potential. We do that with the one of a kind Tough Light diffuser engineering process.

Our Tough Light Diffuser allows you to use the light on a lower setting and multiply the brightness of each full lumen. This is perfect for when you need just enough light without wasting power!

Save Energy... Stay Efficient

Tough Light products use a rechargeable battery which saves you money on heavy batteries and makes it easy to avoid the hazards of old, disposable ones.

The best part is that our headlamp can be recharged via micro USB! It's simple as plugging your little light into any car USB outlet or power outlet for an efficient charge.

Stay Lit... Stay Safe!

We added a unique green light flashing feature to our flashlight so that you can be seen from a distance and scare away animals. This is perfect for when you're in the dark or need to call attention to yourself! You can trust that your headlamp battery life will be ready for the next adventure when you use choose to pick up the H900RS rechargeable headlamp.

Multiple Uses

Tough Light products has been used by law enforcement, preppers and campers alike because of our durability, versatility and long battery life.

High Quality LEDs

Tough Light uses an led light that packs a punch. Our leds are sourced from high end distributors and have a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours.

Take a Closer Look at What the H900RS Has to Offer!

We know you're not a fan of big and bulky headlamps, which is why we've made the perfect hiking, running, camping, and emergency headlamp for you! With its lightweight size and adjustable head this light won't have you rubbing your neck after using it. Heavy headlamps are bad for your head and neck, don't carry more weight than necessary but don't settle for a headlamp that will go dead quickly.

This headlamp works HANDFREE!

Imagine fishing and being able to turn your headlamp on and off without ever touching your head. You can do that with the H900RS Headlamp from Tough Light. Move around and handle dirty objects with peace of mind knowing when you need to turn on the headlamp you can do so with a simple wave.

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