The Prepper's Go To Lighting Solution for Emergency Power Outages and Camping

No one likes to be caught unprepared for a power outage. That's why Tough Light has designed the 400LR Rechargeable Lantern. The 400LR Lantern from Tough Light is one of the longest lasting rechargeable lanterns on the market.

It comes with a universal USB power bank so that you can charge your phone in an emergency, and it lasts 33 nights from just one change! Plus, it has 6 different lighting modes-from reading light to bright LED lights that will easily illuminate any room, tent or camping site.

Long Lasting Battery Life

Whether you are at home or outdoors when the lights go out or sun goes down be ready with the most dependable emergency light on the market. This is one of the best camping lanterns due to it's variety of light modes. Some added features are SOS and Red Hazard Flashing to make sure in case of an emergency it can be a beacon for your location.

Power for Your Phone

During an emergency you can rest knowing that the 400LR Tough Light can also serve as a power bank to act as a phone charger in a time of emergency. This is the perfect addition to your emergency kit. Let us help you make your way through an outage worry-free.

Safe in Water

When life gets fun accidents can happen but one of those accidents doesn't have to be worrying about the lantern being ruined if it falls into water. The 400LR is one of the most durable and water-resistant rechargeable camping lights on the market... AND IT FLOATS!

Tough Light 400LR Rechargeable Lantern

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  • With an IP66 rating, you'll be able to bring this USB rechargeable lantern with you on any water adventure. Even if you drop it in water you can stay calm knowing your lantern will come back up to the top and float so you can easily retrieve it!
  • This compact USB rechargeable lantern is so durable that it can survive a drop of up to 6.5 feet!
  • Our 2 year warranty is our promise to you that your Tough Light 400LR Lantern will be there for years to come.
  • Never worry about running out of battery power again. Our USB rechargeable lantern has a battery size of 6,000mAh and can be charged from a variety of sources with a Universal USB outlet such as your car's cigarette lighter, wall outlets or even through the USB port on your computer using the included micro USB cord!
  • Finally your new flashlight has 6 different lighting modes: High, Medium, Low, SOS, Red Hazard Flashing. With a single charge you can use this lantern for 24 hours on high all the way to up to 200 hours on low.

Longest Lasting Rechargeable Lantern

The Tough Light 400LR Rechargeable Lantern can hold a charge for 9 months or more when not in use. Just charge it twice a year and it's always ready for you in case of an EMERGENCY.

The Tough Light 400LR rechargeable lantern is one of the few camping lights that can last for 33 NIGHTS on a single charge (200 Hours on Low setting of 40 Lumens).

The 6,000mAh li-ion battery is also connected to its built-in USB power bank to charge your cell phone in an emergency. The 400LR rechargeable lantern is for those who want to be prepared in an emergency situation.

LED Camping Lantern

The 400LR Rechargeable Lantern is a lightweight, durable and reliable camping lantern. The rechargeable lantern comes with its own charging cable and can be charged from any USB charger block that charges smartphones. Pack light by using the internal power bank as a way to charge your phone on the go. With 6 lighting settings you are ready for any situation. These light settings include High, Medium, Low, SOS, and Red and Red Flashing.

Tough Light Quality

At Tough Light we are dedicated to creating the toughest LEDs out there. We are so confident in our product we offer a 2 year warranty and provide the best customer service. Unlike most lanterns you can trust us to answer your emails and questions quickly if they ever arise. We always love hearing from customers and guests alike. Always feel free to email us at if you have any questions.

Magnified Light Output

Through our research we have found the best way to make a long lasting rechargeable lantern is to utilize lumens to their fullest potential. We do that with the one of a kind Tough Light diffuser engineering process.

Our Tough Light Diffuser allows you to use the light on a lower setting and multiply the brightness of each full lumen giving more light output than the competitor. This is perfect for when you need just enough light without wasting power! Compare our 400 Lumen lantern to the competitor and you can experience the Tough Light difference.

No Need for Batteries

Tough Light products use a rechargeable battery which saves you money on heavy batteries and makes it easy to avoid the hazards of old, disposable ones.

The best part is that our lantern is that it can be recharged via micro USB! It's simple as plugging your little light into any car USB outlet or power outlet for an efficient charge.

Take a Closer Look at What the 400LR Has to Offer!

We know you're not a fan of big and bulky lanterns, which is why we've made the perfect camping, and emergency lantern for you! With its compact size this light won't have you rubbing your shoulder after using it.

This lantern lasts for 200 HOURS!

Imagine a storm hitting and your power is out for days at a time. You need power and light at all times. With this lantern's high capacity power bank you can charge your phone and use the lantern for light at the same time!

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