The All-in-One On the Go Lightweight Emergency Portable Power Solution

The Ultimate Portable Power Solution

The Storm Pal is a small and lightweight option for your emergency bug out bag. It packs 40W solar panels with kickstands, IP66 water-resistant battery pack, a water-proof durable canvas drawstring bag, and even a heavy-duty 3ft power direct charging cable. With the Storm Pal power will not be an issue when storms come - just pop open this amazing system and bam! You're ready to recharge whatever device you need.

The Storm Pal Promise

Lighter than 5 Water Bottles

Quick Setup

Weather Resistant

How the Storm Pal Works

Unfold Solar Panels and Use the Kickstands for Optimal Sunlight Capture

Quick Charge the High Capacity Battery Pack

Once Battery Pack is Charged, Charge Your Phone and USB Devices during the Day and Night with the High Capacity Power Bank!

How Storm Pal Can Be Your Most Valuable Travel Companion

The Storm Pal Kit is designed to travel with you no matter where you need to go. In emergency situations, it is important to pack light and the Storm Pal allows you to carry the most power with you in the smallest parcel possible. During the day you can use the 40W foldable stand-up solar panels to generate high-speed power from the sun to charge the 26,800mAh power bank. Most solar panels are heavy and require multiple adapters to get set up. With the Storm Pal Kit, all you need is the sun. No additional cords or converters are required.

The Storm Pal High-Efficiency Solar Panels can fuel the Storm Pal Power Bank at speeds that are the same as a quick charge wall outlet. Most conventional solar panels are low efficiency which means that you could get stuck charging all day long to get a full charge. In emergency situations time is precious, the Storm Pal can help you feel secure knowing that your device's power needs will be met in a short amount of time - no matter where you may be.

Your cell phone is a lifeline to the world around you. With the Storm Pal, your phone can stay charged at all times. The compact size of this kit allows you to easily carry it without slowing down and having to worry about losing power on your mobile devices.


The Importance of Portable Power

When you're in an emergency situation, having access to power can be life-saving.

We all know that we should be prepared for emergencies, but it can be hard to remember everything when needing to carry around a lot of stuff. The Storm Pal is the easy solution!

This kit has everything you need to charge your phone or other USB devices when there isn't any electricity available. Just grab it and go. It also comes with a high-speed USB charging cable so you don't have to worry about carrying around extra cables or adapters. You'll never be caught off guard again!

When Disaster Strikes, The
Storm Pal is Your Light of Hope to Help Lead the Way to Safety

The Storm Pal is the perfect travel and emergency accessory for spontaneous adventurers and preppers. You never know when you might need a backup charger or want to be able to charge your phone from an emergency power source.

Conveniently fitting into the waterproof canvas Storm Pal Drawstring Bag that measures only 16" x 13", the Storm Pal Kit is always ready to go with you no matter where life takes you!